Jean-Marc Jacquier’s Dances Journal

Book preview during the festival

We are well aware of the incredible longevity of Tri Yann's Bretons, in business since the 1970s. However, La Kinkerne is no different: the Savoyard group was born in 1974. Its members still follow their founder, the emblematic and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Marc Jacquier!


1982 - dancing evening in St-Eustache (near Annecy). JMJ dances on the right

We are in the early 70s: all around Europe the "folk" movement is making itself loud. Young urban are rediscovering traditional music typical of the rural world and they propose their own reinterpretations. Many of them specialize in their own regional heritage: Brittany, Occitania, etc ...

La Kinkerne decides to dive into the Savoyard and neighboring Alpine countries (Switzerland, Northern Italy, etc.). The group was founded in 1974 in Geneva by a young accordionist from Ville-La-Grand, Jean-Marc Jacquier (born in 1949), both with the two Genevans Diego Abriel and Anne Osnowycz. In order to improve the group's repertoire, Jacquier long travelled for many mountain villages to collect and record the traditional singers and musicians since he built an unprecedented unheard and rich musical assets, now available at the Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie.

Forty-five years later, La Kinkerne is still active! Although there has been a turnover among the members of the group over the years, the group still counts in its ranks some historical element, such as its own founder Jean-Marc and the singer and violinist Christian Abriel, who joined in 1976!

The demonstrations of the dances on the DVD were performed by the dancers of Feufliâzhe atelier danses: Annie and Yves Hendgen, Christian Gavard-Bergoën, Brigitte and Pierre Cavet-Carlioz, Amédine and Laurent Decroux, Maryline Hendgen, Laurence and Daniel Boinnard, Danièle and Christian Bouvet, Gérard Rabuffetti, Paulette Leutwyler, Bernard Domenget, Colette and Guy Vulliez


Jean-Marc Jacquier and Danièle de la Héronnière at Feufliâzhe 2004

This book is co-produced by the Feufliâzhe festival and the association Terres d’Empreintes, known for its numerous publications about the musical heritage of the Savoy countries, publications whose authors are Guillaume Veillet and Alain Basso.

Thanks go to:

-       the Department of Haute-Savoie which supported the publication of this work,

-       the Municipalities of Bellevaux, Cranves-sales, Habère-Poche, Onnion and laTour-en-Faucigny

-       the folkloristic and dialectal groups Le Biau Zizé (Flumet), Lou Galopins d’Sandlien (St-Julien-en-Genevois and Onex), Lou Gapians du Pratz(Praz-sur-Arly) , Jacqueline Baud and Bernard Buet de l’Oura des Saix (Morzine), Les Rhodos (Chamonix), Sabaudia (Thonon-lès-Bains), la Stéphanoise (Bogève).

-       Pierrot Chevallay, Dominique Louis and Trad’Aulps Danses

-       The Mémoire, Histoire et Patrimoine des Contamines-Montjoie Association

-       TheCinémathèque des Pays de Savoie et de l’Ain.

The DVD-book Danses de Savoie et du Valais will be on sale during the festival at the Feufliâzhe boutique, as well as the CD-book of the 40 ans de la Kinkerne and others, all published by the same two authors and the same association.