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Guillaume knows everything about traditional music! Well, not everything about music all around the world and surely he could have missed some details about France too (even though his Anthology contains a wonderful selection of music), but we can assure you that he masters Savoy (the place where he belongs) traditional music as nobody else! Test him and in the rare occasion in which you would be able to teach him something new on the subject, he will listen carefully to nurture his big curiosity.


We are glad that Guillaume has agreed to host and present the different groups on our festival stages! Who could do this better than him? He has certainly on his side the exceptional traditional music background; moreover he was both a student and then a professor at the Institut d’études politiques in Grenoble. He started a career as journalist for a local newspaper cultural page and soon he became editor-in-chief of Trad Magazine (and we spit swear on it: he was not the one who sank the paper as he moved away longer before that). He worked as museologist and curator of the Jacquier collection for the public institution and he prepared two exhibitions on this subject (+ the instruments expo from the same collection for Feufliâzhe 2010. He has been and still is a traditional music collector, always looking for new discoveries. As an ethnomusicologist, he published a huge anthology in ten CDs of France traditional music


Then he wrote and coedit Alain Basso,  member of Feufliâzhe committee, a collection of CD-books published for Terres d’Empreintes :

  • "Bella Louison", about 40 years of music collected in Haute-Savoie;
  • "Kroka la nui", on the traditional songs of the small village of Esserts-Blay in Savoy in which Guillaume spent nearly 10 years to record the locals’ repertoire;
  • "Triolèt", dedicated to songs in Francoprovençal language and focused on the R'Biolon’s biennial singing competition (whose first prize has the opportunity to sing on the Feufliâzhe stage);
  • "Bessans qui chante", a book which highlights the sung repertoire of Bessans, a village in Maurienne, and mix in his CD historical recordings created starting from the 1960s with recent collections made on the spot during a large ethnomusicological survey with locals. The church of Habère-Poche had the pleasure to host and listen this music in December 2016 with the concert Noëls de Bessans that sees a choir of amateur singers and musicians directed by the Trouveurs Valdotèn;


  • "É capoé", which describes wonderfully the sounds and musical landscape of the hills of the Albanais, a region in Haute-Savoie.

If you check Guillaume’s Wikipedia page  you will definitely find out more.

Something you won’t find anywhere else is the DVD-book “Danses de Savoie et du Valais - Carnet de bal de Jean-Marc Jacquier” created in collaboration with the dancers that attended the Feufliâzhe workshop and danced on music collected and played by Jean-Marc and his diatonic accordion. To be noted that three of those dances were collected from the group Lou Gapians du Pratz  who will be on Feufliâzhe stage on Sunday afternoon. The book will be sold (at special price) on the stand of Terres d’Empreintes.

And to satisfy any curiosity left, Guillaume will held a conference on Saturday from 7pm to 8pm where you could ask him every question still unreplied on this subject!

Saturday and Sunday for the entire day on Feufliâzhe stages

Conference Saturday at 7pm

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