Ivrea, located in the subalpine geographical and historical area of Canavese, just below the South border of Aosta Valley, is a well-known city thanks to its Carnival made famous by its traditional battle of oranges. The "fighters" and the musicians (fife and drum players) both wear the colours of their quarters.


Simone Boglia, is a fife-player. Even more, he is first fife: the one who gives the tempo by starting the music piece and imposing a conclusion to it.

He joined the company 30 years ago and this is surely one of his passions. He learned the music by ear with the former first flautist, an exceptional master, who told him that the experience gained patiently over the years and built from torn secrets and experiments, often imperceptible, but fundamental, rewards you with the absolute possession of the instrument.


He plays so beautifully - besides the fife at the Carnival, he also plays the recorder flute, the double-reed piffero, the spanish gralla or the italian ciaramella, the clarinet and the bagpipes - that he has been invited to join many groups like Tsarrye, Umbra Gaia, Ariondassa. The last time we heard his music at Feufliâzhe, he was playing with Laura Conti & Eìvador, where he performed impressive flutes’ solos of great purity and infused with a high poetic sense.


In order to complete his education as fife-player, he began to build his instruments himself. This is another of his activities to which he has devoted years of research and extensive study. Simone makes flutes in Massimo Enrico  luthier shop and his instruments are highly appreciated and requested in great demand.

As a result, thanks to his research, historical-wise he has acquired the knowledge to become a fount of science and the capacity to give master classes and lectures on fifes and flutes traditions in the Canavese area and elsewhere as well.