In the old city center of Ivrea, in the Canavese area of Italy, Massimo has founded a guitar-making laboratory where he attempts everything that can improve how the instruments sound.


Massimo Enrico started his career being both a guitar player and a carpenter, but the passion for instrument-making caught his attention to the point that he had no time left to become a professional musician. However, even if he is considered an amateur, we still see him in various festivals ceaselessly playing music, day and night, even forgetting to go to bed!

Creating guitars has submerged his daily life as he has spent years studying, testing, researching on instruments he had to restore.

In his studio, he looks for the perfect sound employing quality woods and animal glues. Yet he believes that the work of an instrument maker never ends: there is always a refinement or an improvement to be made, instrument after instrument.

Each guitar requires at least a month of work to be finished, therefore he can build only 10 to 15 guitars a year, making his manufacture a slow process way far from the mechanical techniques of mass production.

In order to make a living out of his own work it is mandatory for Massimo to go beyond the local borders. Nevertheless this is surely not a problem for him as his reputation as an instrument-maker keeps growing at European level. He also teaches his art in two schools, while his laboratory serves as well as a place of creation for Simone Boglia, who pursuits the same ideal of research, but focused on flutes.


Contact :

+39 348 7956481