This year we chose the Martagon Lily to symbolize our festival and the chosen poster brings together the mountain, by the photo of the flower, and the musicians with the violin and the horn of the Alps. It was created by a musician of the Gigouillette, Jean-Marie Fleau, who took the picture of the lily during one of his hikes.

photo  1 originale

Picture: Jean-Marie Fleau

Several members of our committee are hikers and also took beautiful pictures of lilies that enamel the signposts on the site, or the press file for example, or our mail.

lis martagon 2

Picture: Jean-Noël Jadot

It is a herbaceous plant all in height of 50 cm to 1m of height which, like the Feufliâzhe, flowers in June-July. The flowers are large, leaning towards the ground, with petals rolled up to maturity which make them looking like a jingle bell strap. A bit like the "r'bougne". Its color is purplish pink and this is why the title "Feufliâzhe" of the poster of this year is pink.

lis martagon 3

Picture: Jean-Noël Jadot

The lily martagon is found in many places in France and Switzerland, but since it is rare, it is protected and it is forbidden to pick it. It is found in pastures and on cool, wooded slopes up to 2800m. It's up to you to look for it in the alpine pastures of Feufliâzhe!

lis martagon 4

Picture: Daniel Gavard