A duet from South with Ciuma and North with Josefina

Stefano "Ciuma" Delvecchio starts studying diatonic accordion in 1988 at Scuola di Musica Popolare in Forlimpopoli with Riccardo Tesi, then he continues in France at the Rencontres Internationales des Accordeons Diatoniques, where he deepens the knowledge of Irish music under the guidance of Liam Webster and Martin O’Connor and of Colombian repertoire with Antonio Rivas.

He studies composition with Hector Ulisses Passarella and he attends the “Capire il Ritmo” workshops with Ettore Bonafè, where he acquires experience on polyrhythmic theory.

In 1991 he founds the group Bevano Est and since then he performs in the most important Festivals throughout Italy and abroad. He is also member of several groups, among which Kaleidorkèstra that performs arrangements of the most significant pieces of the Romagna popular tradition, Cantalusa that looks at folk dance music repertoire, Ciuma Salvi Trovesi Trio covering traditional Italian folk repertoire for three diatonic accordions.

His compositions have been used as sound track in several theatre plays, documentaries and films from famous Italian companies and directors like Teatro Valdoca, Giuseppe Bertolucci and Ermanno Olmi.

A modern musican with tradition, where the keyed fiddle sounds like nyckelharpa and brings an earthy taste into genres other than the traditional music. Josefina embraces the instruments many possibilities, from the roots of the Uppland tradition, to its large crown of new infuences from other cultures. A musican standing grounded in her own tradition, exploring new territory.

Josefina Paulson has played the nyckelharpa since 1992 and has been developing a deep knowledge in the traditional music from the area where she grew up, in Västmanland. She has been touring as a soloist all around the world. In 2008 she was awarded the title ”riksspelman” from the Zorn jury and in 2011 she received the honourable ”Bror Hjorth Scholarship” with the motivation ”technically brilliant, very committed performance on the nyckelharpa with both the preservation of cultural traditions and a gentle personal and creative rejuvenation”. Josefina has studied the one year course at Eric Sahlström Institutet and also have a bachelor in music, with the keyedfiddle as main instrument, at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She was nominated as artist of the year at the "Folk and World Music Award" April 2016 and got the titel "World Champion of Modern Nyckelharpa" when she won the competition VM in nyckelharpa in Österbybruk, June 2016.

Josefina play on a nyckelharpa (1994) and a kontrabasharpa (1998) built by Hans Gille, Österbybruk, Sweden, a modern nyckelharpa (2014) made by Dan Eriksson,and use a bow made by Jean Claude Condi, Mirecourt, France

Josefina has used to teach in Sweden and in the world. This is said about her: “Josefina’s enthusiasm is impossible to match! She draws from her training and experience in yoga and physical dynamics, to teach more ergonomic nyckelharpa playing. She is very perceptive about the strengths and weaknesses of all levels of players, and is able to express fluently how each player can make changes to improve their sound. She is generous with her time and comes well-prepared with written and recorded examples. Her emphasis on nuance, energy, expression, and dancibility is all taught with sensitivity, humor and kindness.”

She has a workshop Sunday morning from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.


Concert Saturday evening at 20:30 p.m.