Dancers from Feufliâzhe 2008 must obviously recall the memory of the vocal ball from the Balbelett duo, Annick Magnin and Isabelle Barthélémy! This time Annick comes back with 26 singers to lead a dance that promises to be a memorable one.


For two years Annick has been training her students to sing the dances. For two years she told us about her project and today they are all ready! For two years we have believed in it and we are eager to dance animated by the sound of this vocal fanfare.Annik Magnin has been a singer since childhood. Born in 1959, she grew up in a rural and agricultural town in northern Dauphiné. Her artistic path is permeated by rustic vibes which roots her “somewhere” in the Alps.Son parcours artistique est imprégné de cette paysannerie qui l’enracine « quelque-part » dans les Alpes.


Annick and Isabelle performed together a comedy vocal duet for Feufliâzhe 2008.One of the two interpreted a stucked public speaker, the other an old woman who narrated the traditional balls and her mischievous youth.It was a funny, moving, romantic and sassy show. Both Annick and Isabelle are authors and composers of the songs based on traditional dancing tunes.Moreover they animated the ball in which nobody on the dance floor felt the absence of musical instruments! You can listen to the songs and discover their dancing rhythm on this page Annick Magnin decided then to put her experience at the service of a whole choir in order to amplify the polyphonic repertoire of Babelett in a joyful and creative way.

This time, twenty-six people will bring you to a musical journey filled with traditional songs from the Alps and elsewhere, they will make you move and invite you to explore new way of dancing. Is there any better way to share and meet than a ball, after all?

Female singers (in alphabetical order): Lucie Aubin, Marlène Blanchet , Quitterie Breau, Anne Buttin, Danièle Canard, Marie-France Chamek, Anne Coupet,Anne-Marie Gallet, Monica Honle, Hélène Hirtz, Florence Jousselin, Laurence Kober, Evelyne Laporte, Marie Ménager, Christine de Paulis, Brigitte Pelisson, Christiane Richerol, Claire Rougé, Françoise Savoye, Sarah Vanderwestyne, Marie-Claude et Sylvie.

Male singers (in alphabetical order) Thibault Constantin, Luc Eymond, Vincent Kober et Michel Simonet.

Ball: Saturday night around 11pm (third part of the night concert)

Sunday morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm, Annick will direct a workshop to teach how to sing polyphonic dancing songs (Alps and Dauphiné repertoire), focusing on the enjoyment to play with your own voice. If you want to attend this class you can subscribe here.

Artistic Contact: Annik Magnin, +33(0)6 81 30 17 74

Production : J'entends le Loup

Administrative Contact: Héloïse Chabert, +33(0)6 41 66 87 79