Occitan Piedmont.

Saturday evening concert, multi-purpose hall, 8:30 pm

These three musicians come from the same region, they have known each other for years and often played together, they found themselves in the same festivals, they have the same culture, and it is quite naturally that they came to form the Baìa Trio in 2015.

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Baìa Trio is the trio of the festival, as "la Baìo" (in Occitan o is pronounced a) of Sempeyre is a big festival in costumes and music that takes place every 5 years in Val Varaita, this high valley of the Alps which is the geographical link between Cuneo in Italy and Briançon in France and the linguistic link between Occitan and Franco-provençal. Gabriele took part several times to that festival to represent the village of Rore.


Gabriele Ferrero learned to play mandolin and violin at the age of 9 years. Today, he is a violin teacher. He has already come to the Feufliâzhe with his band Les Violun d'Amoun (the violins "from the top"). He was part of the Grand Orchestra of the Alps and now of the Tradalp Orchestra. He was a member of the Li Sounhalhé group and of the Senhal group, both of whom having as well participated to the Feufliazhe. For more than 20 years he has been playing (and singing) pieces that he found in the Alpine valleys and has composed new ones. He worked with researchers of popular traditions and participated in anthological collections. With the Soulestrelh association of Sampeyre he recorded documentary works on Occitan music.

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On the stage of the festival of Etetrad in 2016

Francesco Busso, is playing the electro acoustic wheel hurdy-gurdy on all modes, traditional and contemporary as in the Edaq group - - (where are also Gabriele and Enrico) as well as jazz, even in solo. He works in the Solitune publishing house and, as he is a graphic designer, he draws CD covers and the graphic line of various friend groups in which he performs.

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Francesco Busso playing hurdy-gurdy with Gipsy Rufina playing guitare

Enrico Negro is a classically trained guitarist. A graduate of the Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria in 1991, he founded the Vivaldi Guitar Trio, a group with which he participated in numerous international competitions and gave concerts throughout Europe. He is also playing old and baroque music in solo - - and his fingering on his metal strings is wonderful. Professor of guitar, he intervenes in various Piedmont musical institutions. He is working on traditional Piedmontese, Provençal and Mediterranean music, in collaboration with various Italian and foreign groups. His last record is: La memoria dell'acqua - . He performs regularly at prestigious festivals in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland.


Gabriele, Francesco and Enrico are playing together for 25 years. The project of Baìa Trio was therefore born easily and naturally between these three musicians who love the traditional music of the North of Italy. Even when they compose new music, they respect the formal characteristics of the dances they write while satisfying their own artistic requirements. Often, within the traditional passages they insert parts of improvisation or composition to give them a more personal character, so that it is really the Baia Trio style. In moments of improvisation, they enjoy mutual understanding and playing together, and that makes the execution of the piece unique. Armed with their experience of traditional music and folk-revival, they have a renewal discourse that does not deny the past. They seek the beauty of yesteryear to transform it with what pleases them in the present. They succeed in combining the demands of dance with that of listening and they know how to perform their scores to satisfy both ears and feet. This is why they can give a concert in the first part of the evening of Saturday and then continue with a ball ... And run a course of Italian dances of Val Varaita on Saturday morning.


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