Swiss musicians from Hermance, Canton of Geneva

Saturday and Sunday during the day

The musical ensemble of Hermance Alpine horns was born more than 20 years ago. For a long time, it included men only but today, girls have joined! They came often to Feufliâzhe because their kindness and availability have seduced all our visitors. We are delighted to welcome ladies for the first time.


These amateur musicians already had a long experience of music in a communal harmony before regrouping. It was out of curiosity for an ancient instrument that they decided to explore the various means of expression of this horn used by Helvetic shepherds. And the challenge of dedicating themselves to an instrument with a very small range of notes has become their passion. The first members were the director Michel Piuz, with Joseph Schopfer, Louis Aguet and Pierre Villard. The new ones are Guy Meynet, as well as Floriane Vergain and Diane Lapraz (that you will only see Saturday).

Coming from Hermance, a medieval village on the shores of the lake of Geneva in Switzerland, close to the French border, they will come up to the Vallée Verte to make their horns sound on the Bois Noir site on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and during the Sunday Mass as well.

Do you know that to play alpenhorn, it is not enough to blow in it as you might think? One does not swell the horn like a balloon! The musicians will be there, during the course for beginners on Saturday morning, to make you discover the oral techniques allowing to get a sound from the alpenhorn. Take advantage of their patient and wise counseling.