Concert of Friday evening July 7

This is a magnificent European project, born in the mind of the Belgian producer, Frédérique Dawans , called Frichtou: bringing together five of the best diatonic artists in Europe for a common program, and opening new horizons to traditional music. It will be an exceptional concert, not to be missed at any price!


At Feufliâzhe we know well Simone Botasso , who came several times while he was younger with Abnoba (, Vincent Boniface, Paolo Dall'Ara, the late Marco Inaudi, Pietro Numico and Luca Rosso) and then in duet with his brother Nicolò . This Italian his highly appreciated in our mountains around Mont Blanc! Since then he has moved to the Netherlands to study music, while taking care of his orchestra '' Folkestra e Folkoro '' in Turin. We are proud to be able to follow him every time he goes further in music.

And then there is the other Italian, the old one, one of the teachers of Simone, the one that we were waiting for a long time at the Feufliâzhe, Ricardo Tesi . He is the master of folk and of its evolution in Italy since 1978!

In the Basque Country, the diatonic accordion is a triki-trixa (x pronounced ch). Kepa Junkera  is Basque. By the way, among the 14 pieces of the concert of the evening, there will be a fandango. For, according to the rules of Frichtou, everyone has the right to put in the common pot of the tunes of his country, one, and only one, piece of personal composition, from folk to contemporary jazz.

Now, let's go North with David Munelly , the Irish guy whose musical roots come from the melody of his grandmother. One can find here the energy of Irish music with swing, a little more bass, and a lot of experience.

Finally, the far north with Finn Markku Lepistö , who learned on a chromatic accordion before coming to diatonic. He bathed in the culture of his village and was up to the prestigious Sibelius school in Helsinki.

One can read a long interview on the project and the protagonists by Philippe Krumm HERE, in Trad Mag no 169, and HERE the one of Etienne Bours