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Arkady plays alphorn, quite an unusual instrument for imnprovised jazz music. Arkady rates one of the best of the few existing jazz performers on alphorn


Photo Hans Kunf

Born in Moscow, Russia, October 17, 1956.

One of most unusual Russian musicians, Arkady Shilkloper plays french horn, corno da caccia, alphorn, and many more wind instruments that are unusual.

At the age of six started to play alto horn in a wind orchestra at the Pioneers House in Moscow.

1967 to 1974: Moscow Military Music School..

1976 to 1981: studied Horn at the Gnessins State Music Education Institute (now Gnessins Russian Academy of Music.)

1978 to 1985: member of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.

1985 to 1989: member of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.

1976 to 1978: along with his studies at the Gnesssins, takes courses in jazz improvisation at the Moscow Experimental Studio of Music Improvisation

(now Moscow College of Improvised Music.)

1984 to 1986: first serious experience in jazz, Duo with Mikhail Karetnikov (contrabass)

Since 1988: Duo with Mikhail "Misha" Alperin (piano.) Their first ECM album "Wave Of Sorrow" (1989) was the first Russian album on ECM.

In 1990, the Alperin-Shilkloper duo invites Sergey Starostin, a Moscow Conservatory-educated clarinetist and a dedicated researcher of Russian authentic folk music, which results in the creation of Moscow Art Trio. It is one of the most interesting and well-known Ethno Jazz groups from Russia.

Since 1992, Arkady performs Solo.

Since 1995, plays in Pago Libre Quartet

Since 1998, Arkady also plays alphorn, quite an unusual instrument for imnprovised music.

In 1998 - 2002 performed with Europe's leading big band, the Vienna Art Orchestra

In 2000 - 2004: Trio Mauve with Brazilian guitar player Alegre Correa and Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid.

Their debut album, simply called "Mauve" (Quinton, 2002) was awarded the prestigious Hans Koller Prize of Austria as the "CD Of The Year".

Since 2005, Duo with Jon Sass (tuba)

Since 2010, Duo with Vadim Neselovskyi (piano)

Since 2011, Trio with John Wolf Brennan (piano) and Christian Zehnder (overtone singing, vocal acrobatics)    


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