Giuseppe di Vincenzo, Italian musician, started playing bagpipes quite later, at the age of 40 years! He fell in love with the bagpipes after having danced traditional dances while his life.


He attended many courses and ensemble music projects in Italy and France, as with Mydriase internship, in Italy he took part in the project with Folkestra Botasso brothers, he played with a group named Cuadrifolk Quintet, and from four years he plays with La Société Fraternelle des Cornemuses du Centre, the only Italian member present at the FRAT.

Today he plays bagpipes from the center 16 inch, 20 inch and the sweet pipes and Irish pipe, but in his future projects there is the 23 inch, very sure !

The music he likes playing is the traditional music of everyone, especially the French and Northern Italy: Piedmont, or Four-Provinces area.