Accordions Verde

Leini is an important agricultural-business centre that already takes root in the green land of Canavese. This town saw to arise in 1893, when the village started industrial activities, a little shop managed by Giovanni Verde who had the exclusive assignement to make accordions.


Giovanni Verdewas born on the 2nd of January 1873 and when he was young ho showes his passion for music. Because of his inborn ingeniusness he was able to build one of the first Italian accordion possible, called "semitono" for its different intonation. Giovanni's nickname

was "the man with magic fingers", Giovanni was able to achieve immediately a wide market through the "cassiot", his first musical instrument. Giovanni's fame went out through his native country and it grew ammoderately when many orders came from foreign countries, especially from France and U.S.A . An uniterrupted correspondance started all over the world, thanks to the piedemonteses immigrants. They sent news and request to the firm, it always answered with promptness. In 1905 the first official recognition arrived, he won "the 1st prize", a gold medal for production of accordions in Paris.

His two children, Luigi and Giuseppe, streghtened the firm. The first died young, the second started a true and own Verde's accordions' promotion all over the world, with the possibilities for that days. He said: "Our best advertising is our customers who use our musical instruments all over the world. Through Europe and America there's always a Verde accordion, in Piedmontese immigrants' modest luggage. They play it and they try it, so the request for an accordion arrive from all over the world"

At that time Verde firm became an important social-cultural centre, where musicians met to exchange opinions, advices, or just to be among people. Verde firm had more than thirty employees and supplied its customers excellent models all over the world, between these are were the "organtone" with its sweet and soft sound, something similar to organ voice. For the firm arrived the crises because of new instruments and musical sorts but didn't give in. Under Giuseppe's direction it changes its activity, he considered not only traditional instruments but also the "new instruments". He gave the foundations of his undertaking so it became a qualified centre countrywide but at the same time the firm kept a family tradition until today.

foto famiglia

From 1976 Giuseppe co-operated with Maurizio Camoletto who, being in contact with Verde's craftsmen, brought innovation in the firm and he made a new concept of accordion. In 1980 Giuseppe died, and Maurizio succeed him. New owner keeps up the tradition, placed side by side his good collaborators, that it has always underlined Verde firm. He continues to produce accordions, they are rich in sounds and colours.

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