Stringed instruments maker

We are lucky enough to have a stringed instruments maker in " La Vallée Verte " (The Green Valley). He manufactures violins and cellos with as much thoroughness and love for his work as can be expected from a highly experimented professional.


A while ago, it was his passion, but not his profession. Today, Bernard Vaudaux  is totally devoted to it, working in the barn he is using as a  workshop, on the top of the old farm where he lives in Habère Poche. When entering the place, one smells right away this scent, made of wood, glue and varnish which will carry you in another world: the world of a craftsman who knows how to choose his wood species and the world of an artist who will insert with accuracy and safety two threads of marquetry in the table or the board of an instrument. It's magic for the one who is not an insider.
The visitor at the Feufliâzhe will have a glimpse of this atmosphere when he will ask      questions to the craftsman, as Bernard, when he speaks violin, is unfailing about the subject. He will explain the difference between F- or S-haped openings which characterises an Italian or a German instrument. He will inform you about the price of a common violin (if such a thing can exist) and a Stradivarius's, he will show with his meter, how much does a quarter violin measures, or a half violin, or a three quarter.
Everything to stimulate a kid to become, why not, a musician… or a stringed instruments maker!

Tel:+33 450 39 53 25

La Covasserie

F-74420 Habère-Poche